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What do we do?

                     Up Up and Away on a visit with Abergele Stroke Club!

Well, it's not flying around in helicopters at every meeting, but our volunteers regularly get in a spin!

Abergele Stroke Club, at it's excellent venue in Pensarn, provides a state of the art setting for members to meet.

Volunteers are on hand to offer support where necessary and to ensure the well being of those attending. In this way we can enable members to regain confidence and re-learn skills. Our support is available to carers too, although many take the opportunity to "do their own thing" whilst members attend their Club.

Our volunteers are very experienced, which is not surprising as the Club has been running since 1987. Although we've worn out three vehicles we've not been so hard on our volunteers some of whom were involved in setting up the Club.

The Club is managed by a Committee that brings together Club members and volunteers and they plan the activities that everyone enjoys.

Most activities take place at our regular meeting place and may take the form of games, quizzes, refreshments and chat, raffles and sales table. We frequently have excellent speakers and entertainers. 

Regular outings are arranged to a variety of venues in North Wales and the North West

Finally, we like our food in the Club, and we enjoy a number of occasions either where we meet at one or other of the local eateries!! The Club is proud to be one of the latest organisations in the Abergele area to be serving Fair Trade tea, coffee and sugar.