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Volunteer for us!

Abergele Stroke Club has an excellent reputation locally in relation to what we do with and for stroke survivors but also for the contribution that our volunteers make toward the well being of our members.

We warmly welcome new volunteers who have some time available and feel that they can join an enthusiastic and committed team. There are a number of roles that we can match to an offer of volunteering, such as

  • Driving - our minibus awaits you!

  • Assisting our members get around where necessary

  • Serving refreshments

  • Assisting members with a range of recreational activities

  • Fundraising

It's not necessary to have any detailed knowledge of stroke or physical disability although if you have previous experience that would be most welcome by our members.

Just contact us on 01745 825738 to discuss your interest and we'll take it from there.


What happens next!

                                             What happens next!

Three of our volunteers gather together to try to remember what happens next! You just can't get the staff you know!

Barbara and Joan at Abergele Stroke Club

 Barbara and Joan at our Celebration lunch