How do I become a member?

                                               Abergele Stroke Club needs YOU!

You will have heard of the Club through one of a number of means; you've heard of our good name, you've contacted us having seen our minibus with our website on the side, or perhaps a member of the health or social care team have suggested that you might benefit by joining us.

Either way, we'd like the opportunity to meet you first and tell you something about the Club. To do this, when our Club Secretary hears of you she will make arrangements for a convenient time for her and our Chairman to come to see you at home to tell you more about the Club, and agree how we can best help you.

As a Club affiliated to the Stroke Association, we are committed to their Equal Opportunities Policy  and will treat all members and volunteers equally and with respect. We aim to provide a fair and sympathetic environment for all, irrespective of an individual's disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, political belief, age or marital status.