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The Club has been successful over many years in relation to raising funds for our activities.

This has resulted from a combination of having really keen fundraisers within the Club working consistently hard to support us and being blessed by living in a town where people and organisations, within Abergele and the surrounding area, are so generous!

For example we have had support from:

  • Abergele Round Table

  • Rotary Club of Abergele

  • Abergele Inner Wheel

  • The Lions

  • The Lord Clwyd Memorial Foundation

  • Woods Motorcycles Ltd., Abergele

  • Slaters of Abergele

  • Abergele Town Council

  • Abergele Handicapped Club

Donations In Memorium

Local GP, Dr McCormack helped us immensely when he ran 40 miles for us and raised a magnificent £2000 + toward the purchase of our new minibus.

A Big Thank You to all who have supported our activities and continue to do so.

Raising funds is never easy; the weather in 2012 was a certainly a challenge for us, but we made good in the end! If you feel that you have the skills and some time and to help us with our fundraising we need to hear from you -



Please contact us for a chat about how you might be able to help us or:









                                                   What, eating again!

Members share a meal together, all made possible by the partnership between members, volunteers and our generous donors.